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How to create FTP account using cPanel

Hello Guys!! Hope you are doing well, today we are going to create FTP (File Transfer Protocol) account in cPanel. First of all why we need FTP account? FTP accounts make easy for file transfer from your computer to server which is more secure to manage your server files. If you have more than 1 member responsible to manage your website files you must create FTP accounts to manage the server files securely. Giving cPanel details to everyone can harm your server security. So why take the risks!

How FTP(File Transfer Protocol) works
Basically FTP is used to create a connection between your computer to the web server to manage the server files only for Easy and fast connection to your web server. FTP connection made by a software called FileZilla you can download this software from here Download FileZilla. There are many software available some of these which I personally use they are :

Classic FTP
How to use Filezilla for your FTP account you can check this here. Lets create an FTP account first to use FTP for this we need to follow these following steps.

Lets Start to create FTP account in cPanel
Login to your cPanel Account as you can see the above image showing a link name FTP account. Click on that option

On first field Log In – Enter your Username here, On the Domain field if you have multiple domain hosted in a single cPanel then you can choose for which domain you want access and create the account here we are creating for the domain so its already selected. For the Password field you can set a strong password or for easy generation of strong password you can click the button Password Generator, After mentioning the username and password you must save these credentials somewhere on your computer to use these on FTP client software for the connection.

on the Directory tab here you can set the path of your webserver to access a particular directory, To access the root directory of your webserver you must keep it blank.

On Quota section you can set the limit of usage in MB or you can select the unlimited checkbox for unlimited use.

Final Step
Finally, Click on the Create FTP Account button to create your FTP account successfully. On the Image above shows a link Configure FTP account here you can see the details of your FTP account you just created.

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