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How to install SSL certificate in Cpanel for free

The Following instruction will guide you to Install an SSL certificate for free using cPanel. Hope your search for installing SSL certificate will end here. In this article you will know :

Why SSL in Necessary
How to Install SSL (for Free of course)
How to redirect http:// to https://
So, lets get start our journey.. before going into the deep installation part. first we must know what is http (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), its uses for secure connection over computer network. while HTTPS communication protocol is encrypted using SSL(Secure Socket Layer) for the protection of privacy and integrity of exchange data while in transit. Its Must Required if your website using any payment method or asking user to make payment. Where as with new google algorithms HTTPS is now mandatory for every kind of website. Its also help in ranking, and ensuring the users that the website is fully secured and safe to browse.

How to Install SSL Certificate in cPanel (for Free of course)
Installing an SSL certificate is not much complicated if you follow these step by step guide you will achieve it for sure. Its just take only 5 mins to install an SSL certificate using cPanel. For we have go for a third party website which provides SSL certificate for free please visit, they also offer various pricing with packages but we will go for the free 90 days trial plan which is free.

Go to and sign up to open an account.
Click on Get Free SSL top right corner button
Enter your Email ID and Password (Must Check your password should consist of at least 8 Character with 1 capital letter, Symbols & Numbers.)
install ssl certificate
After entering your email id and password click on the NEXT STEP Button
On this window we going to enter the domain name which we want to activate the SSL certificate Follow the below image for instruction.

enter domain for ssl certificate
Enter Your Domain name here to activate the SSL certificate. You can see the domain with www or non-www both will be get SSL certified
After entering the domain name it ask you for how many days you want to activate the SSL certificate. Though we are going for free use of SSL certificate so will check with the first option which says 90 days certificate as shown below image and then click on NEXT.

if you want to go for their pro plans then check on the second option which says 1 year certificate and click on next step
After click on the Next Step Button just click on the Next Step while enable the option Auto generated CSR .

This option will automatic generate the CSR of your domain you have provided earlier
here comes their package and plan details, Already Free plan is selected just click on the Next Step button and Proceed.

This is very important step to follow here we need to verify the domain by uploading the Auth generated file as you can the below image. After succesfully download the Auth file we need to upload it on the Cpanel Root file as following path:

Login to your cPanel > Go to Public HTML > create a New Folder .well-know(if already exist no need to create) > Create another Folder under the .well-known name pki-validation > upload your Auth file here which we download it earlier.

As on the above image show click on the provided link to check whether we done it at the exact link or not.

After successfully verified your domain zerossl will provide you the certificate in zip format to download. Again Download the generated SSL zip file and we will proceed to finalization of our installing SSL certificate.

Let’s Install SSL Certificate in cPanel
Login to your Cpanel > Under Security Tab Go to SSL/TLS section then click on Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)

Download the generated SSL zip file Extract it using winzip and you will get 3 files as shown on the below image just open it using any text editor select all the content (CTRL+A) > CTRL +C > paste it under the Certificate TextArea field. its shown below in image which file for which field please follow respectively.

after paste the content from these 3 files just click on Install Certificate button. and we are done. For your more help i just created the video tutorial if any difficulties face from these instruction you can check with the video tutorial

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